Skipping the gym in favor of hot vinyasa classes at my favorite yoga studio. Loving the peace of mind and detox effects that come with renewing my commitment to regular practice. Feeling a sense of health and a glow that only yoga brings me. Not missing the treadmill.

Slowing down the pace. Allowing myself the time and space to focus inward and take it easy. Writing more. Drawing more. Sitting down with this book and a cup of tea for several hours at a time.

Cooking homemade meals almost daily (a ritual that got a little bit lost in the craziness of the holidays). Trying new flavor combinations. Paying close attention to what I'm hungry for, and cooking nourishing meals that satisfy me with their warmth and depth of flavor. Paying less attention to strict ideas about "healthy" and "unhealthy" food, and instead, letting my body guide me toward what it needs.

Sending fewer emails, both work and personal. I'm lucky that my workplace instituted an "email savasana," meaning we make an effort to email minimally or not at all, instead connecting in person when we next see that person. It's amazing how much mental space an empty inbox has created. I've committed to regular in-person "check-ins" with my manager and my direct reports, and look forward to our catch-up sessions.

Listening to lots of new-to-me music and rediscovering old favorites.

Dreaming of the gourmet food shop I will open one day. It will feature local and sustainable products, and will serve as a community gathering spot for cheese tastings, cooking demos, and wine happy hours.

Saying no to social events in favor of quiet evenings in with the husband and dog. Sharing a homemade meal followed by a movie has become my ideal Friday evening.

Feeling a new softening and gentleness toward myself and others, deep in my soul.



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