This week

This week has been about: 

Slowly easing back into yoga (I took a week off while sick with the flu) and enjoying the sensation of re-inhabiting a strong and healthy body

Apple cinnamon oatmeal with blueberries and almond milk 

Writing content for my new website, to be launched next month (more on this soon!)

Pondering an incredible IIN class on the tenets of Ayurveda by Dr. John Douillard

Enjoying chewy sesame cookies and peppermint green tea via a sweet care package from my mom

Anticipating the changing of seasons, as days grow longer and the teeniest, tiniest suggestion of spring seems to hover in the air (I can't stop looking at pictures of flowers, like the one above)

Conversations with Jason about our goals and dreams, exploring the possibilities of the various directions life might take us in the coming years

Swooning over a sample of raw vegan triple-layer coconut cake from Whole Foods (oh.my.god.so.good.)

Reading and re-reading Mark Bittman's A Food Manifesto for the Future 

Catching up on my blog reading

What's new in your world this week?


Meg said...

thanks for introducing me to mark bittman! i've been looking for more reading on sustainable & mindful food consumption. i'm looking forward to hearing more about your new website!
xo meg

Caiti said...

I'm obsessed with peppermint green tea these days! I've got some right now from Trader Joe's that tastes like candycanes. :) I love that it tastes much more indulgent than it actually is.

And raw coconut cake sounds positively dreamy!

Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

Starbucks breakfast blend coffee, my massage clinic (yay), Season 4 of Frasier and 5 of X Files (I'm all old school this week) and clementines!

Excited to see the new website!

chiara said...

I am glad you are feeling better... Your previous post resonated so much with me that I had to put it on my link love.

Good books and very dark chocolat rock my world these days!


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