December Intentions

I'm keeping my intentions for this month pretty simple.

1. Drink a glass of fresh green veggie juice every day.

2. Practice hot yoga 2-3 times per week.

3. Give and spend mindfully, buying handmade (or making gifts myself) wherever possible.

4. Write and send holiday cards to family and friends, near and far. I picked up these and these the other day, the former by one of my favorite artists Charley Harper and the latter as a nod to our dachshund, Basil.

5. Carve out 30 minutes of time myself every single day (regardless of how packed my schedule is) to sit and read with a cup of tea, watch the sunset, or simply sit and be with the flickering light of my favorite vanilla & peppermint holiday candle.

What are your intentions for this month? I'd love to hear.


lynette said...

Do you set yourself a few intentions each month? I love that idea.

Lexi said...

I love reading about your intentions. I had no idea you were still blogging here today until I saw someone link to this post. It is lovely to read about your goals and progress.

Ashley said...

your blog is so inspiring to me, thank you for writing! it makes my day :)


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