Snow daze

Guess what? We're supposed to get up to 2 feet of snow this weekend, and the local government has issued a warning that we should be prepared "to shelter in place for 3-5 days"! Crazy, huh?

I actually sort of love being snowed in. It's such a cozy feeling, isn't it? I'm planning to use the extra time around the house to catch up on chores and wedding-related stuff, as well as do some cooking, baking, reading, and relaxing. And did I mention relaxing? We recently bought the first season of LOST on DVD (both Jason and I used to watch, but it's been ages so we're starting from the beginning). So tonight we'll be making mushroom barley risotto (recipe forthcoming), drinking wine, delving into LOST, and watching as the snow blankets everything for miles around.

What's everyone else up to this weekend? I hope whatever you do, you have a lovely time. And if you're in an area that's due for snow - enjoy!

Image via Impressionenmeer.


naturally nina said...

good luck with the snow storm and enjoy that wine. i'll be doing the same... minus the snow. :)

Green Chic said...

i am so jealous! i miss being snowed in...we don't see much snow here in florida :) have a fantastic weekend!

mina said...

what a pretty picture.... and lost is amazing. i think i need to re-watch all the season to understand this year's premiere.

Sallie Ann said...

All my fellow Chicagoans may send hate mail, but we haven't gotten as much snow as usual and I haven't made a snow angel all winter. We got some snow today, but nothing like what you're in for.

Kiki said...

How did the snow go? Are you enjoying being snowbound, or are you developing cabin fever? I hope it gave you plenty of time to work on Mondo Beyondo!

Rachel said...

Hope you had a GREAT weekend full of relaxation.


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