Ten good things

1. Receiving amazing emails from blog readers filled with kind words about my new career direction.  Your words mean more to me than you know.  Thank you!
2. Having time to practice yoga almost every day...and discovering an amazing yin yoga class.
3. Half (or "one-legged") Pigeon pose.  It's amazing for the hips and lower back.  My body has been craving this pose so much lately!
4. Anticipating my mom's upcoming visit.
5. Planning a yummy and healthful Thanksgiving menu...details forthcoming.
6. Having time to take Basil on lots of long walks and watching her pounce gleefully on the crunchy leaves.
7. My new favorite green tea.  The roasted organic brown rice lends a sweetness that makes it not at all bitter like some green teas.
8. Making delicious vegan enchiladas (sautéed kale + sweet potato + onion, wrapped in Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla with red chile enchilada sauce, topped with diced avocado and a spritz of lime juice).
9. Reading two amazing books (yes, simultaneously...I can never seem to stick to just one at a time): Deepak Chopra's Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul and Debbie Ford's The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse.
10. Last, but not least, learning so much about health and wellness through my IIN courses!  I am just filled with so much gratitude every day that I'm able to pursue this passion.

hat's new and good with you?  I would love to hear.

Image via Happiness is Like a Sunny Day.


Lexilooo said...

I need to get back into the habit of going to my yoga class! I was really enjoying it, but haven't gone for several weeks, and am missing it. There is a class Friday night that I think I will go to...

Clearly Composed said...

Good things include: watching the birds feed in the morning, having a new job I totally love, a hot drink in my favorite cup, a friend's deep belly laugh...and so much more!

I love your list and the idea of stopping to appreciate all that is good. :)

Meg said...

i've been so happy to be able to practice yoga every day as well, and my body has been feeling it! i know what you mean about half pigeon, at first my hips hate me but then after about 2 minutes they say thank you :)

naturally nina said...

Loved this post!! You're so amazing for pursuing your dreams, and I'm so excited for you!! :) Keep these great posts coming.
p.s. How adorable that you're taking long walks with your dog? So jealous! (In a good way)

robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

i love it: yoga, yummy healthy food, passionate heart...

(have you listened to the vegan podcasts from compassionate cooks? if not, you may want to listen, and there is a specifically vegan thanksgiving one!)


Kris said...

Great hings! I need to check out that tea!

shelly said...

i had a little job interview this morning...and i DESPERATELY want this position. cross your fingers and your toes for me :)

tomorrow is my one whole day that i get to dedicate to school work...and i look forward to it every week!

i went to a yoga class monday night (btw i LOVE practicing at night, wish i could do it more often) that focuses on the lymphatic system. it was amazing!

love your list...great things happening!

TheAnalyst said...

I'm a huge fan of double pigeon and I recommend with one leg pigeon. It is great for your hips and back. (I wrote about it a while ago: http://bit.ly/crI9bD). And yin yoga is so yummy!

I love reading about your new career path. It is fabulous!

kaileenelise said...

Analiese, thanks for sharing your ten good things. Inspired by your post, I've shared mine here!

lurve you said...

what a great blog! i just bookmarked a bunch of your recipes. thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Love your list! I think I need to do things/lists like this once in a while.. stop and appreciate :D


Rachel said...

I love your list!

I definitely need to sit down and write my own, if only to remind myself of those good things. :)


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