Ways to Nourish Yourself

Today, I'm loving this list of ways to nourish yourself (by Emma of Graceful Balance).

  • Get adequate sleep and make it a priority to be well rested
  • Move your body: stretch it, tone it, and allow it to play
  • Eat foods that support wellness (Most of these grow in the ground)
  • Spend time daily being quiet
  • Connect with uplifting friends
  • Have fresh flowers in your home
  • Supplement your diet with the appropriate vitamins and herbs
  • Remember to be grateful
  • Stay hydrated
  • Play with a pet
  • Find reasons to laugh
  • Practice financial responsibility
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Read spiritual books
  • Get creative. Paint, sculpt, sew, build or draw.
  • Spend time in nature
  • Create rituals that support, soothe or heal
  • Learn to breathe deeply
  • Continue to learn
  • Know what you want
I would add to this list: make a pot of soup, practice yin yoga, bake a loaf of whole grain bread, write in a journal, and sip green tea.  How do you nourish yourself?


lynette said...

Beautiful post today. Thanks for the inspiring reminders :)
Can I add laugh outloud?

Lexilooo said...

This is such a good list, and excellent reminders. I would add bubble baths!

(I may borrow this list for a post, but will link back!)

Clearly Composed said...

Thanks so much for sharing my words here with your readers! Nourishing ourselves is a high act of self care and so crucial to well being and happiness. :) I appreciate very much that you credited the material to me. All the best to you!!

Rachel said...

Love this list! So inspiring.

Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul said...

I would add going on a mindful run and eating delicious food. Fantastic list!


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