"The way you move is the way you live."

This morning:

Waking slowly to a misty, overcast sky.  

A warming bowl of organic rolled oats with a drizzle of agave and maple almond butter stirred in.
A mug of green tea (my current favorite, genmaicha, sweet with the flavor of roasted brown rice).
Planning the week's menu, highlighted by a wholesome, soul-comforting autumn-themed meal of herbed quinoa, red cabbage slaw, and apple-ginger crisp.
Nearly two hours of heart-opening vinyasa flow.
The way you move is the way you live, the instructor says.  Do you fling your limbs wildly through your practice, hurdling ahead to whatever's next?  Or do you move your limbs with intention, taking time to enjoy the sensation of movement itself?
Post-savasana, stepping outside to find the fog has dissipated, replaced by a bright and clear sky.
Taking the dog for a long walk, and noticing how she pauses to savor the breeze against her face and how she takes in the sights and smells that we humans bypass without a thought.
Settling into a hot bath, the steaming water scented with clary sage and lavender.  Skipping the usual reading during the bath routine, and instead, taking time to just breathe the fragrant air.

The way you move is the way you live.  My intention for today is to move mindfully, to live on purpose.


lynette said...

Inspiring intention! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Analiese, what a wonderful post! I've been "lurking" here for a while, but just wanted to say hi today! Thanks for sharing your intention & inspiring me to live mine for the remainder of my day! - Joni

robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

love the pace of this writing!

stephanie alaine said...

such a delightful reflection on a common truth. thanks for sharing these vignettes of your day. you continuously inspire me.

Wild Tree said...

This is beautiful! - -I know I have to consciously remind myself to relax into my day and not to be so high strung... I know exactly what my intention is going to be at my next yoga class..
Thank you for sharing! :D

Lakshmi said...

Would love to have the recipe for apple-ginger crisp.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Leigha said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful thoughts.


rhonda said...

I'd like to share this healthy recipe. It's a spinach and feta quinoa lunch recipe. Learn more about the recipe here. Thanks!


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