An Update

Why, hello there. It's been quite a while since I've posted here on Tulips & Tea. Perhaps you've been following my adventures in health and wellness at Green Plate Studios, or perhaps not (which is okay too).

To be really honest, I've found myself missing this space. When I launched Green Plate Studios, I did so with a craving for a fresh start. A clean slate on which to sketch my new life's path. It was a transitional moment in my life in many ways, and I felt the urge to renew my online presence alongside my evolving vision and goals.

Right now in my life, I feel myself drawn back toward the things I grew to love about Tulips & Tea, which began as a way to express myself, and grew into a channel for reflecting upon life's simple pleasures and the quest to infuse joy, creativity, and mindfulness into my everyday experience. In many ways, I think the self-discovery prompted by Tulips & Tea enabled me to create a new possibility for myself within the world of health and wellness. And while I remain firm in my commitment to the holistic lifestyle that inspired Green Plate Studios, I feel myself coming full circle in my journey toward balance. A balance that includes a love of life's colorful details, and a willingness to be in a state of wonder about the whole self.

I suppose all of this is a long way of saying that I'm itching for a return to the coziness of the community we created here on Tulips & Tea. You can continue to follow along with my health and wellness pursuits at Green Plate Studios if you'd like, but you can also expect more frequent snippets of life's loveliness here on Tulips & Tea. I will welcome your voice into the dialogue wherever you choose to join in.

Thank you for being you.


Miss M minus 30 said...

Yay! You're back! I follow you on both of your blogs. Love them both and always wait with baited breath for a new post on either. Glad you will be dropping in her more. You have been missed!

Caiti said...

I'm thrilled you'll be posting here again, however frequently or infrequently it may be! I love your Green Plate Studios blog, but I also loved the creativity and inspiration you used to post here. You definitely have been missed, and I'm looking forward to new posts :)

stephanie alaine said...

i'm kind of THRILLED! i have loved you at GPS but missed your wisdom shared here. can't wait to follow you here again! much love

callie siobhan said...

Yay!! Stoked that you're posting here again as well! :)


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