Birthday Gratitude List

Well, my friends, it totally snuck up on me this year, but yesterday was my 25th birthday! It was a truly wonderful day. Jason surprised me in the morning with a new iPod Touch, which I am quite excited about. At our weekly staff meeting, my co-workers surprised me by presenting me with a sweet card and homemade brownies that my boss baked. I have gotten lovely emails, phone calls, and cards from many friends and family members. And even though I couldn't be with my parents today, we celebrated while I was in Chicago last weekend by going out for a fabulous sushi dinner and, more importantly, spending lots of quality time together. Oh, and while I was in Chicago, I found a wedding dress which I love! I am a lucky girl indeed. So in honor of my birthday, I decided to list 25 things I'm thankful for.

1. My awesomely supportive family
2. My amazingly sweet, funny, kind, super-smart and totally handsome fiance, Jason. I am so excited to be marrying him!
3. My job, which challenges me, and enables me to do lots and lots of writing while being surrounded by beautiful art
4. Living near the water
5. Great friends, both new and old.
6. My good health
7. Discovering yoga in the past couple of years and the benefits that my yoga practice has brought to my life
8. My naturally curly hair (which I have finally come to appreciate)
9. The ritual of making delicious home-cooked meals with Jason (and access to a wide variety of yummy and healthy ingredients)
10. Crisp autumn weather
11. Music, music, music
12. The fact that my sister now lives in the DC area and I get to see her often
13. Regular foot rubs from Jason
14. Really soft and cozy pajamas
15. Our uber-comfy new mattress (one of the investments we made when furnishing our new place)
16. Google Reader
17. Beautiful sunsets (that we can see from our deck!) and gorgeous sunrises
18. Regular running and the fact that my endurance is improving (yay!)
19. Chai from Teaism and cupcakes from Hello Cupcake
20. Owning a home
21. Books, books, books
22. The wisdom of mentors
23. Weekends
24. Spending time outdoors, enjoying the abundant beauty of nature
25. Last, but certainly not least, the blogging community!

What are you thankful for?

Image via Flickr user Theresa Thompson.


City Girl said...

Happy Birthday! And great list :)

Mom said...

I am grateful for your list! Love it! Love it! And how does it feel to be twenty-five? A question for another day. xo, Mom

Alli said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Lauren said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!

And yes, I too love #19.

Melita said...

happy birthday darling!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday girly!

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks everyone!


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