Care packages

My sister and I decided to put together care packages for each other, just because. She gave me a set of cute coasters, some origami paper, a bar of dark chocolate, oatmeal & honey soap, and some Yogi tea bags. There may have also been some cookies that already disappeared...

And this is what I gave her. Some Bach's aromatherapy spray, Mayan drinking chocolate, tea, facial cleansing pads, gluten-free fudge, incense, bath tea, autumn-scented mini-candle, and magnet.

I highly recommend exchanging care packages - just because - with a sister or friend.


Melita said...

both packages look great! i love this idea. hope you are feeling better. love the new header btw! hugs!!

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks sweetie! Glad you like the new header!

Jenn said...

Hey Analiese,

Just discovered your blog -- this is such a cute idea! Hope you've been well since GW!


Ilse B said...

Just realized I forgot to post the magnet and tea tree oil facial wipes on my post-- because I'd already "installed" them on my fridge and in the bathroom, respectively! whoops.


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