Ever since I spotted VivaTerra over at the Department of the Interior, I have been smitten with its fresh and casual style. From kitchenware to women's clothing to home décor, the vibe is bright and sunny, and the styling evokes images of slow weekends in the country - ancient stone fireplaces, homemade chocolate chip cookies, wildflowers and long walks down overgrown, winding lanes. Flipping through the catalog always makes me want a creaky old farmhouse to decorate. (Something like this would do the trick.)

The best part? Not only are VivaTerra's goods beautiful, they are also made using eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials, and many are handcrafted by individual artisans from around the world.

Wouldn't that little owl statuette be cute perched atop a bookshelf?


olivia rae said...

omg, heading over there asap! gorgeous gorgeous! xo

Elizabeth said...

I've wanted that succulent cube ever since their pear terrarium led me to love their website :)

Struggler said...

I've been in love with their seaglass plates for quite a while; I think I need to get married again and then I could ask for this type of thing as a gift!

alisha said...

oh no. now another site for me to drool over!

i'd def go halfsies with you on that farmhouse!


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