Birthday intentions

Happy 26th birthday to me!  Today's been absolutely lovely so far: a beautiful card and lavender vanilla-scented soy candle from husband, many calls, texts, and emails, a gorgeous rose bush from my co-workers, and a relaxing solo lunch at Teaism, plus a surprise gift from a very thoughtful blog friend!

esterday, I reflected on the best moments of the past year.  Today I'm sharing my 26 intentions for the coming year!  In no particular order:

. Continue to eat healthily and increase my knowledge of nutrition 
2. Make more of an effort to incorporate whole grains, fresh veggie juices, leafy greens, and other superstar foods into my regular food rotation
3. Deepen my yoga practice and explore the possibility of signing up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training program
4. Continue a regular running routine
5. Run a half-marathon
6. Exercise my creativity by making the time to draw (a childhood passion of mine)
7. Indulge in regular artist's dates
8. Expand my organic garden to include more herbs - and maybe even some vegetables
9. Start a weekly walk-in-the-woods ritual (I always find walking in the woods so restorative)
10. Expand my culinary know-how by signing up for a knife skills class (I've always loved chopping, slicing, dicing.  Something about the repetitive motion feels meditative to me.  I would love to learn the professional techniques!)
11. Re-examine my wardrobe and donate old, ill-fitting clothes and clothes that don't feel like "me" anymore
12. Slowly add a few beautiful, high-quality "authentically me" pieces to my wardrobe
13. Deepen my friendships with people who uplift and inspire me
14. Enjoy my first full year of marriage to my wonderful husband!
15. Seek out outdoor adventures (kayaking, rafting,hiking, skiing, etc...oh, and I want to try snowboarding this year!)
16. Budget for regular massages
17. Learn about holistic pet care and incorporate practices into our care for Basil
18. Try acupuncture for the first time
19. Be more conscious of my relationship with technology (specifically, be more selective about what I do online as opposed to just surfing around aimlessly)
20. Finish a first draft of a cookbook
21. Continue to improve my photography skills
22. Bring more laughter and play into my daily life
23. Plan several more trips to parts of the U.S. (Maine and Oregon are both on my list)
24. Practice saying "no" to things I don't have time for or don't really want to do
25. Submit food and health-related articles to several publications
26. Last, but certainly not least, continue to connect with all of you wonderful fellow bloggers!


michele said...

Happy 26th, lady!! Love your intentions for the coming year! :)

Kris said...

Good for you on the Yoga training! how long have you been doing it? May I ask, if you can do hand stands how long it took. I can barely do the beginning of crow pose right now. LMAO!

ps check out my giveaway!

shelly said...

what a wonderful list :) we share so many of the same goals! xoxo

Meg said...

wonderful intentions, best of luck with your 26th year! and happy happy birthday to you :)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday! :)

"21. Continue to improve my photography skills" -- Currently doing this too. :) Hope I can see your more of your shots.. :)


stephanie alaine said...

shivers on my spine: your life and being is grounded, glowing and beautiful. happiest of birthdays to you, miss analiese! the woman you are and the woman you are becoming is so admirable, and woman everywhere (men, too!) are more able to be themselves thanks to your bravery and intention!
sending much love to you!!

Chelsa Bea said...

Happy B-day, birthday buddy! Funny to me how all my favorite bloggers all seem to have birthday's around the same time as me! Love your list. And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Carissa said...

happy belated birthday!!! those are some great goals! many of those are on my list, too! here's to a great year! cheers xo~

Wyokemia said...

Hello. I've just recently discovered your blog... I really love your birthday reflections and intentions. I'm definitely inspired to do this for my birthday - it's a very thoughtful process - Love it! Thanks for sharing.


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