Reflections on my 25th year

As I mentioned, tomorrow is my birthday!  While I'm excited about the day itself (plans include breakfast in bed, deep tissue massage, sushi, and prepping for Denver), I'm also taking time to reflect upon the past year and set intentions for the year to come.

'll admit, I'm a teeny bit sad to bid my 25th year adieu.  It was an amazing 12 months defined by lots of big life changes (all good!) and personal growth.  On numerous fronts, I felt myself becoming the healthy, happy, and balanced me that I've always envisioned as my best self.

ere's what I consider to be the top 25 moments of my 25th year:

. Married the love of my life and celebrated with friends and family at our joy-filled wedding
2. Explored Florence and hiked the back roads of the Cinque Terre and Chianti regions on our honeymoon in Italy
3. Became a contributing food writer for one of my favorite blogs, Tranquility du Jour
4. Went whitewater rafting on the New River in West Virginia
5. Kayaked in Key West
6. Transformed my understanding of and relationship to food, which inspired me to cut out junk and processed foods and begin eating a mostly plant-based diet
7. Rediscovered my love of running and successfully completed my longest run to date
8. Joined a new yoga studio in Annapolis, and reinvigorated my practice
9. Through a combination of improving my eating habits and re-committing myself to exercise, lost 35 pounds 
10. And more importantly, felt better than ever in my body
11. Connected with old friends and kindled new friendships with kindred spirits, both online and off
12. Discovered my Style Statement and began using Organic Creative as a guiding mantra in decisions large and small
13. Took the Mondo Beyondo e-course and articulated some goals I hadn't even realized were inside me
14. Planted an organic herb garden
15. Read more books than I can list here, The Kind Diet and Tranquilista being a couple of my favorites 
16. Made an effort to revamp my morning routine
17. Made my first philanthropic gift with a donation to The Farm Sanctuary
18. Decided to make more space in my life (literally and figuratively speaking) and embarked on a project to de-clutter...physically, emotionally, and spiritually
19. Discovered a love of documentaries (and subsequently, was deeply affected/disturbed by Food, Inc. and The Cove, both of which deepened my commitment to a lifestyle that does not contribute to the unethical treatment of animals)
20. Visited the Art Institute of Chicago, SF MOMA, and the Dallas Museum of Art
21. Ate many delicious meals at numerous restaurants in various cities, and discovered a new farm-to-table favorite in my own backyard
22. Spent an amazing weekend in Chicago with my family and Jason's family, exploring the city and celebrating our marriage with friends and family who weren't able to travel to our wedding
23. Made an effort to regularly incorporate blocks of solitude and reflection into my schedule 
24. Made myself a priority with lots of self-care 
25. Adopted a rescue dog, a life-long dream come true!

omorrow I'll be posting my intentions for the year ahead!


annelise said...

Wow, 35 pounds? That is impressive and inspirational. Other than that, it sounds like you've had a wonderful year.

I was sad to hit 25 as well, no longer early-twenties, but mid-twenties. I think I struggled more with turning 25 than I did with 30. Still, I'd rather turn 25 or 30 than not!

Have a fabulous birthday!

Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

I remember when we all hit 25 (11 years ago eek!) and all joking about it being a quarter of a century.... yikes! Sounds like you've achieved so much and will continue to do so. Much love on your birthday!

@ annalise - wait til you hit 35, I definitely struggled with that harder than 30!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a fabulous year, and I hope the next is just as good.


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