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Do you all remember when I blogged about Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte?  Back in January, I started the book with tons of enthusiasm, racing through the self-discovery exercises with the eagerness of a golden retriever puppy.  Then what happened?  Well, I got a little bit stuck on my second word, and promptly forgot about the whole thing.  That is, until last week when Project Clean and Serene Home kicked into high gear (more on that later) and I came across Style Statement while sorting through the stacks of books threatening to overtake the office Jason and I share.

or anyone who's a bit lost right now (and don't worry - I might've even lost myself there), a style statement is a two-word 
compass that defines who you are and how you express your authentic self to the world.  The first word represents your foundation, your 80%. The second word, your 20%, is your growth edge and motivator. As Carrie notes on her website, some people have likened a style statement to a "personal brand" or a "creative thumbprint."  Once you have defined your style statement, it can help you to make more authentic choices about almost every element of your life. This concept extends far beyond what we might typically think of as style (fashion and other aesthetic expressions) to encompass decisions about career choices, relationships, how we spend our time, and how we express our unique selves to the world.

So, after a six-month hiatus, I've been revisiting my style statement quest with renewed energy throughout this past week.  I figured out during the first go-round that my foundation word is "Organic."

(via the Style Statement book)
Organics are a divine dichotomy: practical but spontaneous, structured but flowing. The disposition of an Organic is like that of bamboo—light, incredibly strong, growing freely and prolifically. Organics are mindful of the connections between parts, whether in relationships, systems, or physical things. They keenly sense what’s going on (never miss a thing!) They are commonsensical, practical, and organized and adore systems and solutions that simplify or create ease and efficiency. Look & Feel: Organic’s aesthetic is based on sensuality, quality, and construction—whether structured or flowing, shape is important. Timeless or simplistic styles and handcrafted, socially responsible, or eco-friendly materials. Layered aromas, rich textures, enduring and natural fabrics and substances; hearty and sturdy; never static, always changing; free from manufacturing, overprocessing, and chemicals

he second word - as I mentioned - was more of a challenge.  The second word should not only describe you, but inspire you to grow and possibly even push beyond your comfort zone.  I considered the following



et, I didn't feel that any of these gave me the push, or, as I call it, the "oomph" that the second word should.  But then, this past week, it hit me.  Of
course.  It was right there all along, just daring me to claim it (which makes total and perfect sense because I am constantly challenged to honor this aspect of myself to its fullest extent).

via the Style Statement book)

Creative: Aesthetic, artistic, clever, crafty, cultivated, cultured, elegant, exquisite, fertile, formative, gifted, graceful, harmonious, hip, ideal, imaginative, ingenious, innovative, inspired, inventive, musical, original, ornamental, pictorial, picturesque, pleasing, poetic, productive, sensitive, skillful, stimulating, stylish, talented, tasteful, visionary.

o, there you have it!  I'm Organic Creative.  Nice to meet you
!  Have any of you discovered your style statement?  If so, I'd love to hear it!

omorrow, I'll share some of the exercises that helped me to uncover my style statement and some of the ways that Organic Creative shows up in my life.



Lucy said...

I, too, LOVED this book :) After much thought, I decided on Cultured Vibrance as my style statement. It is such a fun exercise and I am still a regular reader of Danielle's White Hot Truth several years later.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Creative Sensual! Congrats on your self-discovery, you must feel relieved now!
Discovering your SS is like rediscovering yourself in a way, and I hope it brings you more epiphanies!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Annaliese! Thank you so much for your comment over on my blog yesterday. I'm so glad you introduced yourself. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I went a bit stalker-ish last night (in a non-creepy way) and read back a ways into your archives; I was just enjoying everything here so much. And I agree, it seems that we are a bit of kindred spirits with many similar interests.

I loved Style Statement as well and love hearing other people's statements. Organic and creative were words that I was playing with too, but I ended up with "Bohemian Simplicity." It's been great to know my statement and have a touchstone for my choices and decisions.

carrie said...

Hello fellow Style Statement sweets,

It's so lovely to hear how your two magical words are making a difference in your lives. Thanks for sharing.

love, love Analiese's blog.


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