Wedding details: the venue

Upon reading about the lovely Nina's beautiful wedding plans a couple weeks ago, I realized that I really have not shared many details of my own upcoming wedding.  I thought it would be fun to devote a couple posts to the Big Day which is now officially less than a month away.  (Whoa!)

I thought we'd start with the venue.  We are getting married at St. John's College, which is a small liberal arts college in Annapolis, Maryland.  St. John's is one of the oldest colleges in the area, and the campus is filled with beautiful, historic brick buildings.

e visited a number of venues, but when we set foot on the campus of St. John's, I just knew we'd found our spot.  Everything about it felt right.  

I love the expansive front lawn and its lush greenery.  Won't it make for pretty photos?
The ceremony will be in the Great Hall (exterior above, interior below), which is the college's main academic building.
And the reception will be in the Dining Hall (exterior above, interior below).
Before the reception starts, guests will mingle and sip on mojitos and fresh-squeezed lemonade on the terrace overlooking College Creek (the view from the terrace is pictured below). 
Since the Mid-Atlantic gets super hot and humid during the summer months, we opted to keep the festivities mostly indoors.  However, the terrace will be open to guests throughout the evening, so we'll at least have some element of the outdoors!

I'll be dishing about the color scheme and decor elements tomorrow!


Images via St. John's College.


naturally nina said...

hurray!! so excited to read these posts. and my oh my, that venue is stunning!

V. said...

what a gorgeous venue! i love the antique charm and history to it.

Kris said...

Great pic. Must be so exciting!

Kristin said...

what a stunning venue! it's going to be so amazing. i can't wait to see pictures from the big day.

green ink said...

Oh darling, how exciting!! The venue sounds amazing. Not long to go now! xx


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