On being alone

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts. -K.T. Jong

ately, I've been haunting a particular coffee shop in the morning before heading to work.  I like to sit at one of the small wooden tables and order a soy latte or an organic chamomile tea.  The latter arrives in a fancy silver teapot with a ceramic teacup the color of ivory.  Some days, I'll sip my tea and use the time to write in my journal, or read a book.  Other days, I jot down goals, to-dos, or a grocery list.  Occasionally, I will simply allow the teacup to warm my hands while I visualize my intentions for the coming day, week, or year.

've come to treasure these moments of solitude between the commute and the beginning of my workday.  I don't stay for long - usually 25 minutes or so - and yet, it feels like a luxury amidst the hustle and bustle of the morning routine.  These little ellipses between commitments leave me refreshed and re-connected to my self, inspired to embrace the day with purpose and creativity.

ife can feel so crowded sometimes, can't it?  The "blaring sounds of our daily existence" seem to follow wherever we go.  Emails to write, phone calls to return, blogs, tweets, and TV to catch up on.  Traffic reports, weather forecasts, and a never-ending influx of mostly unhappy news to digest.  As much as I love these modern technologies, I find it critical to unplug.  To be alone, with only my thoughts for company.

've been recognizing the importance of solitude more and more lately, and I think that's one of the reasons I love this video so much.  I've watched it several times now, and each time, my soul seems to nod in agreement with Tanya's words.  I know the video's been floating all over the interwebs the past couple of days, but it seemed worth re-posting here, in case anyone hadn't yet seen it.

ow do you carve out moments of solitude during your day?  What do you do when you're alone? 


AMS said...

So inspirational, I love that quote.

Valerie at City|Life|Eats said...

I love little breaks like that too. SO key for me to feel connected with myself despite all the hectic bits in my life :)

Gretchen said...

I needed this post because I'm a teacher who's going back to school next week. I really appreciate you reminding me to take breaks to relax and do things we love even if they're not necessarily productive.

KTLH said...

love this, ani! currently alone for the month in california and really enjoying this time to reflect / be silent / discover the world anew, on my own.

Analiese Marie said...

Kristin, hi! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying some solitude and reflection in California. Be well. :-)

arwriter said...

a friend of mine suggested this video to me and i put it on my blog as well. such a pleasure to see it here. it's such a lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

What's the coffee shop? Looking for a place in DC that has a nice vibe. Sounds like you found it? Do share!

Analiese Marie said...

Hi anonymous...this might sound kind of paranoid, but since it's a coffee shop I visit almost daily, I'm not comfortable sharing the name here where anyone can see it. You can email me at tulipsandtea@gmail.com. Thanks for understanding!


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