Welcoming August

This summer has been an exciting one, to say the least.  June had us joyfully preparing for our wedding, while July found us enthralled by beautiful Italia.  It was an incredible - unforgettable - couple of months, to be sure.  I find, however, that the advent of August feels like a deep and contented sigh of relief this year.  I don't mean relief that the wedding + honeymoon are over, per se, though I must admit, my stress level has plummeted now that the festivities have passed.  But rather, to be moving on with life.  To be exploring new projects, now that I have the time.  To be re-visiting short and long-term goals, individually and as a couple.  To be making plans for our next adventures (a whitewater rafting/camping trip later this month, followed by a trip to Chicago for Labor Day Weekend).

'm proud of how hard I've worked to get into better shape and eat more healthfully these past eight months.  I felt my progress stall a bit in June and July, as I eased up a bit on my exercise routine and enjoyed many delicious meals over the course of the wedding festivities and our honeymoon.  I'm not down on myself about it though.  It was a rejuvenating detour in my journey, and I now feel a refreshed motivation to increase my running mileage, deepen my yoga practice, and return to a disciplined way of eating.  For me, the long, warm days of August provide the perfect opportunity to re-focus, challenge myself physically, and to explore post-wedding goals and dreams.

ow are you greeting August this year?  What are your intentions for this month?

Image via Pia Ulin.


Rachel @ SuburbanYogini said...

Well here in the UK the weather seems to have turned very autumnal. I am hoping for a last ditch attempt at summer before the month is out!

As for me I'm relaxing this August with just a few teaching gigs before things really kick off in September :D

Meg said...

this is so inspiring... i just got back from a long-weekend of indulgence (or perhaps over-indulgence) in the delicious food & wine categories, and i'm definitely looking to august to re-focus and prepare for the big changes that we'll be facing in september!

Carolyn said...

I'm also focusing on more movement - lots of NYC walking, more gym time, and regular yoga. Oh and lots of eating as well :D

Kate Maggie said...

You are lovely. This post was so inspiring, so is this whole blog infact. I love it! As for the month of August..I hope to take some well needed rest, spend more time on the beach, take more pictures, write more snail mail and eat mcdonalds cheeseburgers and NOT feel bad about it. :)

kristina@goodnweird said...

Love this post! Also - what a lovely summer you have had :) August for me is all about settling in to my home, continuing my running and getting back into yoga regularly - at least once a week.


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