Happy birthday Jason!

A very happy 25th birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend!  I love you and am so happy to be your wife.  I look forward to a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and adventure with you.

No pressure guys, but I know Jason would be tickled pink if I could tell him that "gorgeous women across the country and around the world are wishing you a happy birthday today."  So...feel free to join in. ;-)

We celebrated with an incredible meal at Central last night (mixed seafood "tower" + lobster burger with roasted rosemary tomatoes + decadent mac n' cheese + de-constructed Kit Kat bar) which we atoned for this morning with a 6-mile run.  Today's plans include a special birthday shopping excursion (the details of which I can't reveal yet), and an Eat Pray Love/Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie marathon.  (We agreed that I would see the latter with him if he saw the former with me.  I love me some Michael Cera, so admittedly this wasn't a major sacrifice.) 

Now, I'm off to bake Ina's sour cream coffee cake for the birthday boy.  I offered to make a baked good of his choice, and he didn't miss a beat before requesting this.  It's that good.  Beware though, it's not exactly a health-conscious recipe.  But hey, what are birthdays for?


Alli said...

Happy Birthday to Jason!!

stephanie alaine said...

oh jason: you are a lucky chap! and i have no doubt that you're every bit of the prize mrs brown says you are! happiest of birthdays to you! save me a slice of that delicious cake ;)

Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

Happy Birthday Jason!!!!


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