An outdoor adventure

Guys, I'm so excited!  This weekend, we're joining three other couples for a camping and whitewater rafting adventure in wild and wonderful West Virginia.   (You might remember that whitewater rafting is one of my Mondo Beyondo dreams!)

have not been camping in a loooong time, but I'm so excited to re-live some of my favorite childhood memories of relaxing around a campfire, toasting marshmallows for s'mores, and immersing myself in the peace and beauty of the natural world.  I've got a cooler filled with veggie burgers, copious amounts of bug spray, several rolls of toilet paper, and enough Larabars to feed a small army.

he river above, by the way, is the New River, where we'll be rafting.  Isn't it gorgeous?

ave any of you been whitewater rafting?  Got any stories or tips to share?

mage via wildwaterwv


shelly said...

sounds like a great weekend! white water rafting and camping are on my list also :) have fun!

Anonymous said...

I rafted in Colorado when I was in high school, and it was such a fun experience. We were on level 4 rapids, so there were a few pretty intense parts. My whole body was sore afterwards from paddling, maneuvering, and trying to stay steady. I managed not to fall in the water until the VERY end when we were pulling our raft up onto the shore-- my foot got caught under the bulky raft and down I went! I'd love to raft again someday :) Hope you have fun!


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