Friday thoughts

Happy Friday!  As some of you may have noticed, I published an "About" page on my blog this morning, and then realized that it showed up in Google Reader, which I hadn't intended.  I just felt the need to explain that - since it probably seemed pretty random if you read it thinking it was a "normal" post!

'm really excited this morning because my first post is up at Tranquility du Jour!  If you'd like, you can hop on over there and read my tips for making the most of your next farmers' market outing...one of my favorite summertime activities.

his weekend, the weather is supposed to be just gorgeous in the Washington, DC area, so I'm planning to take full advantage by:

Trading in my treadmill routine for an outdoor run through the park
Enjoying my morning chai on the deck
Taking my laptop out to the deck to work on projects al fresco
Opening the windows to let fresh air into our home
Checking out animals the National Zoo
Taking in a pro baseball game (as part of Jason's company's annual summer gathering)

I'm not usually a big fan of baseball, but there's something sort of fun about the whole stadium experience, isn't there?  I find that I'm actually looking forward to it!

How do you take advantage of lovely weather?  Any fun and exciting weekend plans?  I'd love to hear.

Image via Leslie Thomson


olivia rae said...

lovely! heading over to Tranquility du Jour to check out your post! xox

shelly said...

saturday morning...heading to the farmers market. unfortunately we are not expecting beautiful weather this weekend. it is currently hotter than you know what here in florida! sunday....i get to meet a blog friend! soooo excited :)

enjoy your beautiful weather...and yes, i feel the same about baseball...not a huge fan but there is something to be said about watching baseball in a stadium during the summer...it's very American!

Meg said...

hey! if you don't want your about page to appear as a normal post, you should be able to publish it as a "page" (which blogger gives you the option to do), and then i think you can set it to have no date at the top, and to not let people leave comments if you don't want them to. i've spent (literally) hours tweaking my blog with stuff like this, so let me know if you are still confused & if i can help more :)
xo meg

Rachel said...

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. i'm not a huge fan of baseball, but you're right... there's something about going to a game. hope you had a lovely weekend.


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