And...we're off!

Lovelies, we'll be on our honeymoon till July 16th.  See you later this month!  (And yes, I promise to take lots of pictures!)


Image via Casa Miraglio


Rachel said...

Ahhh!! I'm SO SO SO behind in my blog reading :( I have plans (firm plans) to catch up tomorrow!

But in regards to your question about Whitewater Rafting... we haven't decided on a day yet. Are you doing the New River in West Virginia too? If you are, I would love to arrange to go the same weekend!

Shoot me an email at RachelNSimpson at gmail dot com!!

and enjoy your 'moon, girly! xo

Anonymous said...

Enjoy :)

sealaura said...

congratulations!! I too have been so behind on your blog. so many great things have happened. congratulations and enjoy!


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