Icing on the cake

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and well wishes.  Here's another favorite moment from the reception.  Doesn't it look like I have one lady arm and one man arm because of the way Jason's arm is angled around me?

Now we're excitedly preparing for our honeymoon!  We leave next Wednesday and stay through July 16 - I couldn't be more excited.  I have been obsessing over
this gelato place in Florence, which one of my co-workers said we must try.  I'm a bit crazy for gelato, so this will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of our trip!

If any of you have been to Florence, Cinque Terre, or the Chianti region of Tuscany - any can't-miss recommendations



TheAnalyst said...

Congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Ana Degenaar said...

Your honeymoons sounds dreamy! Blessings.

shelly said...

i have a gelato obsession also....your honeymoon is going to be dreamy!

Café Chick said...

Congratulations! Your honeymoon sounds divine. I've only been to Florence and recommend all the majors (Uffizi Gallery etc) but urge you to also visit the smaller Gallery Accademia and see Michelangelo's David (and other sculptures) in all his glory. Ciao!

chelsie said...

Stop at the beach in Monterosso - It's beautiful. And if can get to the Amalfi Coast ... Unbelievable

Kristin said...

enjoy your honeymoon!! we stayed in Santa Margherita, Cinque Terre and Florence, and i seriously loved every second. it is a magical place, Italy is. You will have the time of your life. I wish I could remember some of the go-to places... but i'm drawing a blank. you're sure to love it all anyway!

Lavanya said...

Congratulations Analiese!!

Grom was on my list too (as were several others)- but it was November so there was only so much gelato we could eat- so we didn't end up going there..:(
My favorite gelato was in Vestri (a chocolate shop) : 1 scoop of chocolate and sicilian orange, 1 scoop of pistachio- I loved this combination- and the chocolate and orange gelato was just lovely!

You must visit the Duomo Museum if you have the time. (I visited the Uffizi and the Academia as well- which were great- but I found my favorite sculptures in the Duomo museum..:)).
Also LOVED the Brancacci Chapel across the Arno River! I could go on and on..lol

Here are some of my food related recommendations: http://purplepaperplanes.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/my-florence-pages-food-and-food-like-things/

Try to stop by the Conti Stall in Mercato Centrale (olive oil, balsamic vinegar)- they let you taste the oils and vinegars and it is a lot of fun.
I loved the leek risotto in Al Tranvai- very homey and comforting

Here are my favorite florence experiences (scroll down and click on the links below: "My Florence Pages"): http://purplepaperplanes.wordpress.com/my-travel-journal/

Sooo excited for you- have fun!!!

Kim said...

when i went to italy w/ my family in high school, i had probably 2 meals, and then for the rest of the trip (about 8 days), my dad and i ditched all food but gelato bcs we just could not get enough. we ate it 4 times/day, but that was all we ate. if it's the same as it was then, there will be ridiculous gelato EVERYWHERE you turn and so many flavors you'll never get through them all. enjoy!!

Analiese Marie said...

Thanks for all of these wonderful recommendations! I'll definitely report back.


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