Thank you and a question

Thank you, all, for your incredible response to the news I shared earlier this week.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of your support and well wishes!  It is especially encouraging to hear from those of you who have made changes of a similar magnitude in your own lives, and are now happily living your bliss.

hile I'm excited to be following my passion, I must admit I'm a little bit nervous about diving headfirst into the unknown.  However, when I think back on times in my past that I've stepped outside of my comfort zone, I see that it is these periods of transition and uncertainty that catalyzed real growth, and with that in mind, I'm eager to engage fully in what will surely be an interesting, probably challenging, yet also exhilarating year.

his weekend's plans are focused on getting a few logistical things in order, including cleaning up our office and equipping it for my school and business needs, and shopping for a new car (though Jason and I have been happily sharing a car since we moved in together, it looks like our newly divergent schedules will necessitate a second vehicle).  I'm hoping to squeeze in a run, a hot vinyasa flow class, and an outing to the dog park.

ou readers are always such a great source of information, so I'm wondering if I can pick your brain for a minute.  I hinted that I foresee some changes in store for Tulips & Tea.  Have you ever re-launched/re-branded your blog?  If so, what difficulties did you face, if any?  Any tips, tricks, and resources would be much appreciated!

ave a wonderful weekend! xo


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

I wrote about part of this issue here: http://www.citylifeeats.com/2009/08/on-blogging-blog-niches-identity-crises.html Since then my blog has changed again, so I should probably write an update post.

I think you have lots of option - one thing you could do is buy the domain name for your business, and use it as your blog domain name until you want to develop a website, and then have the blog be one part of the website.

Good luck!

Melita said...

congrats on your new pursuit sweetie! i am so proud of you! good luck on all of your transitions (in life & blog) as i hope everything will run smoothly for you and i know everything will turn out wonderful. hugs love!!

Celeste said...

My blog changes a little bit over time but its never really planned. But, as for big changes, I think that if you feel you're changing, why shouldn't your blog too?


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