Meet our new green friends

Good morning, lovelies! How was your weekend? 

Saturday was one of those perfectly sunny spring days, and I decided over breakfast that such a beautiful day called for an outdoorsy project of some sort. We stopped at the coffee shop to pick up some fuel for our adventure (a soy chai latte for me), and made our way to the garden supply store, where we meandered amongst hundreds of gorgeous plants. I know that plants can help to improve air quality, and I swear I breathed a bit easier upon stepping foot into the store. It was as if my soul, surrounded by such lush vitality, just sort of relaxed a bit.

I've been wanting to grow my own culinary herbs forever (and just haven't gotten around to it for various reasons), so we picked out a couple sweet basil plants as well as a rosemary plant.

We also chose a hydrangea, just barely beginning to bloom. A periwinkle hydrangea, in full bloom, is truly one of my all-time favorite sights to behold. I can't wait.

I've been talking and singing to it coaxing it along.

We planted our new friends in terracotta pots with some nice organic soil. They seem to be doing well thus far (fingers crossed).

What goodness came your way this weekend? I want to hear about it.



CarlB said...


Michelle Elisabeth said...

I've got a few herbs growing in the backyard, and it brings me so much joy to go out a pick a few sprigs for this or that! I attempted homemade pizza dough this weekend, a little on the soft side, but an excuse to practise :)

shelly said...

ahhh good for you and your little garden! it's addicting and very rewarding...i spent the whole morning today buying new plants. the basil will grow out of control...and i use mine all of the time :) my daughter ate the first strawberry we produced last night. i also have a baby bell pepper and cucumbers everywhere. i am going to take some pictures of them all while i am out playing in the dirt this afternoon.

i spent the weekend at my first yoga teacher training and it was nothing short of D I V I N E.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite, and it is so fun to have your own bush! Enjoy!

robyn michelle-lee @ this is life. said...

gorgeous, analiese! the perfect saturday adventure... i adore sweet basil and rosemary and hydrangeas... if i were a little closer, i'd visit your balcony to experience the herbal aromas and help you coax the blossoming along!

Meg said...

so gorgeous! our weather was lovely this weekend too... i went for a nice walk and enjoyed lots of meals outside on various patios & balconies.

Carissa said...

your new garden friends are lovely! :) I hope you have better luck than I... me and my black thumb aren't so good at coaxing anything along, even those things that aren't supposed to need much coaxing! though, I partly blame the apartment. we don't have a window sill so it is hard to get enough light indoors... but putting them outside doesn't fare too well either...

anyway, I'm sure yours will bloom and grow beautifully! do share a pic of the hydrangea once it's ready, I'd love to see!

Elizabeth said...

Looks wonderful! I wish I had an outside space to plant things!

TheAnalyst said...

Lovely pots! I've been gardening all of this week and looks like I should be finished tomorrow. Enjoy your herbs and hydrangea!


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