The coolest wedding party in town

I love that so many weddings these days feature "non-traditional" wedding party attire (i.e. not a tuxedo or satin ball gown in sight).  This is one of the coolest wedding party  looks I've come across recently (via Green Wedding Shoes).

It's casual, fun, and totally appropriate for a laid-back outdoor wedding.  I love the way the teal in the guys' ties is echoed ever-so-subtly in the gals' blouses.  And the crespidia boutonni√®res and citrus-hued bouquets add just the right pop of cheerful color.

Here are a couple more shots from the same wedding.  Isn't it just dreamy?

Speaking of weddings...I can't believe ours is just over a month away! The time is seriously flying. I'm headed home this weekend for my final dress fitting and my (also final) bridal shower. I'm so excited!


Images via Green Wedding Shoes.


shelly said...

you want to hear something totally crazy? the dresses those girls are wearing are from Anthroplogie...and i own one!! it is even prettier in person. i can't believe you posted this! too funny.....we definitely have VERY similar taste :)

i love the non traditional thing to. i think if i ever get married, it will be barefoot on the beach!

olivia rae said...

this is so beautiful. and i can't believe yours is so soon either!! how exciting!!!


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