Happy Monday

I hope you had a great weekend! On Saturday morning, I began my day with a nice long run. The power of a good run never ceases to amaze me and this was no exception. After a long and hectic week, running cleared my mind and relaxed my soul, easing me into a groovy slow-paced couple of days, which included:

Baking a batch of maple cinnamon muffins: Trader Joe's multi-grain baking mix + Ener-G egg replacer + olive oil + almond milk + organic maple syrup = delicious vegan(!) treats to last throughout this week.

A fresh bouquet of peonies

A pretty new phone...which I got for almost nothing since I was eligible for an upgrade!

We also went to Target and picked up some heavy duty storage containers, after which I proceeded to tackle the overflowing insanity formerly known as our storage closet. It's definitely improved, though not quite ready for its "After" photo. Soon, though.

Ok...your turn. Tell me about your weekend!


P.S. Sorry for the funky spacing in this post...Blogger and I aren't getting along today.  


Valerie at City|Life|Eats said...

LOL - I just finished up a Happy Monday post myself :) (wrote it half asleep this morning, but added the pictures later).

Melita said...

yum-o those muffins look tasty! your weekend sounds divine darling! hope your week goes as well. hugs!!


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