A weeknight meal

We picked up some kabob skewers at Crate & Barrel over the weekend (I had a gift certificate from my bridal shower) and we've been itching to try them out.  So, tonight we made a delicious and healthy dinner of veggie and shrimp kabobs.  These are incredibly easy to make and they taste like they took way more effort than they actually do.  
I chopped up some green pepper and red onion, and skewered them alongside some shrimp, local cherry tomatoes, and sliced baby portobellas (apparently when they are babies, they're called portobellas, not portobellos...I just learned that today).  I then brushed the skewers with some tangy Newman's Own dressing and seasoned with a touch of freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder.  I placed the skewers atop a large Pyrex pan and slid the whole thing under the broiler (set on High), for about 15 minutes, turning the skewers once about halfway through.
The shrimp cooked perfectly and the veggies took on a complex and pleasantly charred flavor.  After letting them cool for a couple minutes, we slid the whole mess onto some organic mixed greens, topped with a bit more dressing, and shared a whole wheat pita between the two of us.  YUM.  It was a perfect weeknight meal: easy, satisfying, and requiring little prep or clean-up.
I'm looking forward to using our skewers again, perhaps with a different combination of veggies.  I'm thinking eggplant, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, and artichoke, dressed simply with olive oil, sea salt, and a garnish of fresh basil. Wouldn't that be yummy?

I ran five miles at the gym this afternoon (yay!), and I still need to do yoga and take a bath before my embarrassingly early bedtime, so that's all I've got for now.

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!



Michelle Elisabeth said...

That looks easy, delicious and healthy; the three components of the perfect homemade meal! I may just have to keep my eyes out for skewers now :)

Samantha said...

Five miles! Awesome girl! Yummy kabobs and I like the idea of putting them on top of green!

stephanie alaine said...

what is your embarassingly early bed time? and can you rub off on me? i need your influence in my life!!!!
ahhh (overcommitted much? yes!)

delicious dinner, wish i had been there :) oh yes, and, please a 1/2 marathon update soon?

Melita said...

yum! looks delicious! hugs!!

staceyorlando said...

Those look delicious! Have you ever tried Litehouse? They have some awesome vinaigrettes that make a DELICIOUS marinade! Zesty Italian, Sesame Ginger, Red Wine & Olive Oil...tons more too! They are in the produce department though. Yum!


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