Friday inspirations

This novel approach to a wedding registry. Such a fresh and beautiful alternative to the typical registry.

A Sip of Creativitea - 8.5X11
Pretty, food-inspired artwork like these works by Eva Juliet.

 Tiburon, wedding photographs of Emily + Meeko taken by Cameron Ingalls
This bride's soft and casual, yet elegant look. I'm hoping to emulate her hair and jewelry for my own upcoming wedding...

The colorful abundance of fresh flowers showing up at our local Whole Foods.  Tulips, hydrangeas, and peonies, oh my!  I want them all.

A yoga manifesto (via this very interesting NY Times article)

potato salad tahini radish cucumber
Brightly-colored salads, perfect for warm weather weekend lunches: cabbage and lime salad, carrot almond salad, potato salad with watercress, cucumber, and radish

lemon meringue pie I
This beautifully written post, which moved me to tears but left me with a feeling of intense, life-affirming joy.  

Tell me lovelies...what's inspiring you today?  What beautiful plans do you have for the weekend?


shelly said...

i was Anthro today...i just die going in there! everything is so inspiring to me. it's just full of beautiful stuff. especially little things for the house. i got my mom some perfume that she liked when she visited and probably thought i forgot all about :)

tonight is date night. dinner and martinis. i got the most girly dress to wear. i cannot wait to put it on :) and tomorrow night me and two of my girlfriends are going out for sushi and having a slumber party. i haven't had such good plans for the weekend in awhile.

i hope whatever you are doing is fun fun fun.

and that bride above...*swoon* gorgeous style.


ps- i need to send you a little message about some alternative schools i discovered. i decided not to go with IIN and found some others you might be interested in hearing about. i will share soon :)

Michelle Elisabeth said...

I love the idea of an experience based bridal registry. How lovely would it be to cover the bill for a fancy dinner out for two newlyweds? You know it will be enjoyed, appretiated and never end up in the attic ;)

naturally nina said...

Oh wow, I LOVE the registry... and I am also going with a soft, wavy hair look for my wedding (I think :)) We have such similar taste. :) Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Such beautiful pictures and words. :)

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love the wedding one, wearing a cardigan is such a cute idea! And the hair is awesome too! I got married two years ago.. and wish I was into blogging then because I would have gotten so many good ideas from it!

p.s. Your blog name is very cute.

Carissa said...

these are some lovely inspirations! I adore that bride's look. I think it's important to look like yourself on your wedding day, just better, and those photos capture that.

oh, and I have to say, I love anthro! as if there was any doubt :)


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