Weekend bliss

Early morning meditation and yoga, completed to the serene sound of tiny raindrops tapping against the windowpanes.  Big ceramic mugs of fragrant sencha tea.  An invigorating 6-mile run on Saturday + 10-mile bike ride on Sunday.  Soaking tired muscles in a rejuvenating eucalyptus & arnica bubble bath, surrounded by soy candles + lemon water + a compelling new book.  An incredible meal with dear fianc√© at a new restaurant downtown Annapolis.  Locally sourced organic ingredients, simple yet innovative small plates, subtly rustic decor.  A cucumber margarita with fresh cucumber juice, seared scallops with garlic-infused olive oil and tender microgreens, crisp eggplant "pancakes" topped with tangy feta and lemon zest, soy chocolate milk with cookie dough foam for dessert.  Discovering beautiful music while creating tranquil & inspiring playlists.  A gorgeous bridal shower (for me!) hosted by my sweet future mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  Feeling so very showered with love, affection, and generosity.  Delighting in thoughtful gifts, including hairpins worn by Jason's great great grandmother (!) to be my "something old" on my wedding day.

ell me darlings, what made your heart sing this weekend?


.S. I snapped that photo during last weekend's hike and forgot to post it last week (oops).  Better late than never, right?


Anonymous said...

i love the things that made up your weekend. my was mostly filled with academia, nhl hockey, more studying, rain, and several cups of coffee.

xo Alison

Carolyn said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely blissful!I went to a farewell soiree for a co worker, spent a few hours at my fave yoga studio...and discovered a new one 10 mins from Le Beau's home! Cheers to a week just as blissful as the weekend! xoxo

stephanie alaine said...

wow, can i be invited into that BLISS filled weekend? sounds SO luxurious and wonderful! i am SO happy that you were able to soak it all up...your presence always pulls me in like a magnet. (honestly!)

and...this photo is the perfect compliment to your words. hip hip for you, dear.

Melita said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend sweetie! ryan & i spent some time with a friend we haven't seen in a while. i taught a yin yoga workshop. spent some time snuggling the pets and just being lazy. it was a wonderful weekend (but how quickly it seemed to pass!). :) hugs!!

Anonymous said...

got my planner pad! BUT i want to decorate the cover. any ideas ?? :)

Michelle Elisabeth said...

lovely, lovely descriptions! I've started up biking with a little more vigour, although 10 miles is still a way to go. I did get the pleasure of photographing both a pregnant mom-to-be and a new mommy, which certainly caused my heart to swell with joy. (I am a little envious of cookie dough foam :) sounds incredible.)

Kristin said...

I'm just about halfway through "Women Food and God"! It is pretty interesting, isn't it? The attachments we have to food and how it affects how we think about ourselves. I'm very inspired to "change my ways" since reading it.

Your weekend sounds like it was just lovely. :)


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