Hip ways to celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Earth Day always brings back memories of elementary school, when we would celebrate the day with a variety of songs, crafts, and other projects.  I remember learning this "rap" in music class that went something like, "Recycle, recycle, recycle now!  There's nothing to it if you just know how!"  At that young age, I had some concept of Earth Day's meaning, but didn't really understand the why of it.  Over the years, I learned more about the importance of protecting the environment and it's become an issue that I feel strongly about (and happily, I'm not alone!).  Being "green" is now an integral part of my lifestyle, and I'm always on the lookout for hip ways to reduce my impact on the earth.

o, in the Earth Day spirit, I thought I'd share some ways to start "green-ing" your life, or to reinvigorate your efforts:

. Recycle (if you're not already).  Obvious, right?  I'll admit that I sometimes slack on this most basic of tasks, but I'm really trying hard to do it more consistently.  For some aesthetically pleasing motivation, snag yourself some chic recycling bins.

. Compost!  Not only does composting help reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill, it also creates a useful product for gardens and houseplants.  And it's super easy, especially with a sleek counter top pail like this one.

. Makeover your makeup.  Many cosmetics contain nasty chemicals that are toxic to our bodies and for the the planet.  Consider trading in your conventional makeup, bath products, etc. for more earth-friendly options.  (I'm not advocating that you toss unused products, but it's something to keep in mind when you've run out of something and need to stock up again.)

. Invest in sustainable, yet luxurious eco-wear from Kimberly Wilson's clothing line, TranquiliT.  The fabric is made from organic bamboo, and lends itself to tons of cute and versatile pieces for work, play, and, of course, yoga.

. Plant an herb garden.  Planting your own is a good reminder of where our food originates, and provides endless ways to spice up your cooking, make your own teas, create healing potions, etc.

. Ditch the disposable shopping bags in favor of fun and colorful reusable totes.

. Support local farmers by visiting your area's farmers market.  Stock up on fresh produce, flowers, and other goodies.  For inspiration, flip through the Fresh from the Farmers Market cookbook, which is filled with gorgeous recipes that showcase fresh and seasonal ingredients.

. Re-purpose leftover jars, tins, and other containers.  Glass jars, once they've been cleaned, make adorable vases for wildflowers and colored jars can double as home decor when artfully arranged on a mantle or other surface.  Use tea tins and other pretty containers to organize rubber bands, paper clips, pens, etc. on your desk.

. Switch to shade-grown fair trade coffee.

Reduce your consumption of animal products and/or become vegetarian, even if only for one day per week or one meal per day.  If you can't bring yourself to give up meat, make sure it's organically raised.  To learn more about the impact of our food choices, watch Food, Inc and read Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals.

hat would you add to this list?  I would love to hear your ideas!


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kavika_ali said...

great tips!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Happy Earth Day you lovely greenie you!!! I think a compost pile is next on my list! I also need to check out more 'green' household cleaner

Café Chick said...

Happy Earth Day! How about a car-less day every once in a while, too?

Analiese Marie said...

A car-less day is a great idea! Or, if possible, ditching the car entirely. When I lived in the city, I didn't own a car and I relished walking everywhere and using public transportation. It was so liberating to not worry about parking, gas, maintenance, etc.


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