Hot hot heat

These past couple days in the DC area have been downright toasty.  With highs near 90 degrees, it feels like we skipped right past spring and dove headfirst into summer!  I'm loving the opportunity to break out my warm weather clothes (I pretty much live in dresses during the summer), and to take part in all kinds of warm weather fun.  Eating dinner on our deck, long walks, happy hours outside, Frisbee in the park...I love it all.

Warm weather always reminds me of some of my favorite childhood experiences.
I have so many memories of playing outdoors with neighborhood kids during the summer months.  We loved walking along the creek that ran through our neighborhood, jumping rope, and taking part in crazy water gun battles that inevitably ended with all of us soaking wet.  We also loved setting up lemonade stands.  About once a month during the summer, my younger sister and I would beg our mom to make a pitcher of lemonade, which we sold in Dixie cups to passers-by (for a whopping 25 cents).  I remember getting ridiculously excited when one of our neighbors handed us a $1 and told us to "keep the change."  These days, whenever I see little kids with a lemonade stand, I always stop and buy a cup.

I'd love to hear your fav
orite warm weather memories!  Please do share.  And if you're in the DC area, I hope you're enjoying the heat spell!


Image found here (original credit unknown).


shelly said...

you're right...where was spring?? did i blink and miss it or something?

when i was a kid i remember riding my bike...all day long...everywhere. i have a scar on my knee from an accident, but it always makes me think of summertime and being a carefree kid...nothing to do but ride my bike...all day long...everywhere :)

Melita said...

i too used to ride my bike all of the time. that was until we got an atv :) my mom & i used to have picnics under the shade of a big beech tree or by the river that i grew up next to. my bff and i used to jump on the trampoline for hours on end and take walks and hikes in the woods. hmm, it's no wonder that i was skinny as a rail growing up... maybe i need to get back to my childhood to lose a few extra pounds lol. :) hugs!!

Carolyn said...

Aww I had a trampoline when I lived in Louisiana... I miss it so much!!! And that pic gave me a hankering to make homemade lemonade. :)

anastamosis said...

awww, i miss those neighborhood watergun fights and creekwalking adventures! <3 i.c. :)

Elise said...

All of the kids in our street would play under the sprinkler. All day. In, out, in, out. These days, we have extremely strict water restrictions in my part of Australia and sprinklers are a big no-no, so I feel really sorry for the kids of today, never having the simple pleasure of playing under the sprinkler.

Kristin said...

Gosh, I miss DC. Spring just isn't the same in Florida. No cherry blossoms. Sigh. I can't believe how hot it is in both places right now...Seriously...these are summer temps!


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