Fabulous Pink Pixie Dust

Miss Pixie's Furnishings & Whatnot, for the uninitiated, is a fabulous treasure trove of antique and vintage furnishings. When it moved from my neighborhood to its new location on 14th Street, I was a little bit crushed. One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon was to browse through all of the wonderful knickknacks at Miss Pixie's, filling my mind's eye with all kinds of visual inspiration, then spend an hour or two daydreaming (about the chic, impeccably decorated pied a terre I'll have in Paris someday) over a chai latte at the nearby coffeeshop.

With an eye for the feminine, the ornate, and the fabulous, Miss Pixie's pink-painted walls house a whimsical - yet, well-edited - collection of furniture, kitchenware, art, and all sorts of other knickknacks. The vibe is sort of Anthropologie shabby chic, with some Charlotte York and French Country thrown in. On my first trip, I found a sweet little mustard-yellow end table, with an even sweeter price tag in the double digits. Last New Year's Eve, upon realizing that I had no champagne flutes, I headed over to Miss Pixie's and scored a vintage set of four for $12. Browsing the neatly displayed collection feels pleasantly like wandering around your most stylish friend's apartment, whose furnishings just happen to be for sale. Plates of chocolate chip cookies add to the coziness factor, as does a sales staff who remembers faces and names.

Thankfully, Miss Pixie's is still relatively nearby. I think I'm long overdue for an artist's date there. If you live in the area or you're planning a visit to DC, I definitely encourage you to check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Images via Miss Pixie's.

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Melita said...

sounds like a wonderful little shop! i'm sure i would love it!!


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