La Pluie

It's definitely an umbrella sort of day here in DC! I used to despise rainy days because they are totally inconducive to 1) doing anything with my hair besides throwing it into a wet ponytail after the shower 2) wearing cute shoes, or really any shoes besides clunky rain boots. Sometime in the past couple years, the rain and I have developed a somewhat more friendly relationship. There is something nice about sitting at my desk, doing research or writing a proposal, sipping some green tea, and listening to the gentle pitter-patter of the rain on the roof. I'm lucky enough to work in an office with a huge vaulted ceiling and enormous skylight so on rainy days, the overcast sky creates a sort of grey-ish, moody tint in the room, which is pleasant and cozy in a strange way. I've also come to appreciate the stillness after the rain stops, when everything is quiet and dewy and the foilage is newly green. And I love, love, love cute umbrellas, like the one above, available from UmbrellaHeaven on Etsy.

What about you? Do you love rainy days or hate 'em?


Lauren said...

Ani! This is so great! Your blog is so pretty and inspiring. I'm so glad to decided to expand what you write about!

Question for you: Where did you find your pretty banner? Did you just upload it from somewhere? I *hate* mine and really want to find something pretty and unique but haven't been able to yet. I should probably make it a goal to learn about blogging a little bit more. Ha.

Melita said...

love the title of your blog. i absolutely love tulips and i am a tea fanatic so it instantly attracted me. i found it from lauren's. i look forward to reading more. beautiful umbrella btw.

Melita said...

thank you for adding me to your blog roll. that really means a lot to me :)


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