More Artist's Date Ideas

      Earlier this week, I blogged about my artist's date at Anthropologie, and listed some ideas for artist's dates. Here are a few more...

      • Visit an artist’s supply shop (I like Utrecht).
      • Spend some time outdoors with your journal, sketchbook, craft supplies, etc.
      • Go for a walk, and take your camera with you to document the experience.
      • Visit your local library, and browse a new section.
      • Create an artist’s workspace or studio in your home.
      • Make a new iTunes playlist and upload it onto your iPod.
      • Check out a lecture or panel discussion on a topic that interests you. (Check local newspapers/websites for event listings.)
      • Visit a craft supply store and check out materials you've never worked with before (fabric, origami paper, scrapbooking supplies, yarn, beads, etc.).
      Thanks to The Artist's Way blog for many of these ideas.

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