Monday inspiration

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope your weeks are off to a good start. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I had a very serene weekend or perhaps that my Mondo Beyondo e-course begins today, but I'm feeling a sense of contentment and expansiveness that I shall try mightily to hang onto as the week progresses.

In that spirit, here some things that are making my heart sing today:
  • Anthropologie's January catalog: airy, gorgeous perfection (see photo above!)
  • Yogademia ponders cutting out static (a good read - check it out)
  • Modern and totally unstuffy wedding invitations and save-the-dates by Ello There
  • A renewed commitment to ethically produced, local, and organic food thanks to watching Food, Inc.
  • La Tartine Gourmande's shares a yummy recipe for beating the cold (with beautiful photos, as always)
  • Yogi tea wisdom with this morning's cup of green tea: "Happiness is taking things as they are."
Tell me readers: what's inspiring you today?

Image via Anthropologie.


Ellecubed said...

Love this post. Reading it put the hugest smile on my face. I hope you enjoy your Mondo Beyondo course. Taking it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

robyn michelle-lee said...

YOU are inspiring today!
and this is the first i've heard about mondo beyondo - i'll be looking more into it!

Elise said...

I'm getting inspired by reading all the blogs I haven't had a chance to over the last two weeks. People and their stories are amazing!

I'm also really inspired to take more photos after spending the last two days at the beach. White sand, emerald water and blue skies - perfect!

Love the new layout too! Gorgeous.

stephanie alaine said...

wow, i remember my first few days of mondo beyondo, i was just floating with inspiration and a lightness that is incomparable! to believe, so firmly and without a doubt, that all your dreams are possible, and for that belief to be held and validated? priceless.

we ought to live more than a few days that way, though, and you see, that is the challenge. MB opened the eyes of my heart in many, many ways. here's to you and the inspiration to come.
p.s.: can i have that awesome couch? please?

michele said...

Love your new layout! So light, airy & feminine! And thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

This is the first I'm hearing about Mondo Beyondo too!

Analiese Marie said...

Robyn and Michele: I will be blogging more about the Mondo Beyondo course soon, so stay tuned!

Sarah said...

AH! I haven't gotten my January catalouge yet. Maybe they've started to notice I only look and never buy ;)

Thanks for sharing the photograph, though, it's lovely!


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