New year, new look

Happy Friday dear readers! I'm really excited today because something I've eagerly awaited for the past three months has come to fruition: a new look for Tulips & Tea! If you're reading this in a feed reader such as Google Reader, be sure to hop on over to the actual site today to check out the new design.

For a while now, I've been contemplating a redesign of the site. I wanted a look more visually reflective of both my personal style and the blog's content. While researching designers, I happened upon Tabitha Emma, the designer behind the beautiful Department of the Interior blog. After perusing Tabitha's website, blog, and Etsy shop, I knew I'd hit gold. Her sweet + whimsical yet uncluttered aesthetic was exactly what I had in mind. If any of you are thinking about a blog redesign or otherwise need the services of a designer/illustrator, I highly recommend Tabitha Emma. She was able to translate my somewhat abstract ideas into a cohesive look, and she made the process easy and simple to boot.

It might sound silly, but the redesign makes me even more excited to blog - sort of how a new hairdo or great outfit puts a little swing in your step!


TheAnalyst said...

Looks great!

naturally nina said...

it's fabulous! congratulations!

Ellecubed said...

Love the new look.

Melita said...

it looks awesome!! hugs!!

Elizabeth said...

Love it!

Rochelle said...

I just found your blog - so I don't know what it looked like before - but I do love your look. And I know exactly how you feel because I changed my design and my name (from fun, but slightly negative slacker-chick to Getting There) and I can't wait to get on my blog every day!


green ink said...

I absolutely love your new look!


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