Reflections on 2009 + Intentions for 2010

Hello, my dears, and happy belated New Year! After taking a break for the holidays and a vacation to Key West, I am finally getting back into the groove with blogging, twitter, etc. The past couple weeks, I have been doing a lot of reflecting upon the past year as well as thinking about my intentions for the new year.

2009 was quite an exciting year. Among other things, I:
  • Became engaged to my best friend and the love of my life and began planning a wedding
  • Took an amazing trip to California during which I toured a vineyard and tasted wine straight from the barrel in Napa; dined on ocean-fresh oysters at San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace; and climbed the rocky coastline of Northern California's Humboldt Bay
  • Said goodbye to urban apartment living; and
  • Moved, with my fiancé, to the picturesque town of Annapolis
  • Became a homeowner and enjoyed turning our condo into a cozy sanctuary
  • Started this blog and discovered an incredible blogging community
  • Re-committed myself to living a creative life and took steps toward exploring my creativity more fully
  • Visited art museums on the West Coast (SF MoMA), the Midwest (The Art Institute of Chicago), & the East Coast (various)
  • Joined a gym, began running 4-5x/week, and started a home yoga practice
  • Took advantage of my spacious new kitchen by making all sorts of delicious home-cooked meals, and grew my knowledge of ingredients, techniques, flavors, etc.
  • Deepened my commitment to using organic, local, and seasonal products
  • Celebrated New Year's with my family and fiancé in Key West
After much pondering, I have decided that my word for 2010 is SAVOR, meaning "to appreciate fully; enjoy or relish." I wish to greet each new experience with gratitude, and to fully appreciate, enjoy, and relish what each day has to offer. Guided by this intention, I will:
  • Get married and savor all of the moments that will make up that day (and every day with my husband thereafter!)
  • Honeymoon in Italy: Cinque Terre,Tuscany, Florence. Savor the art, architecture, food, wine, and scenery.
  • Continue to grow my cooking skills and take better advantage of the fresh ingredients at local farmer's markets. Savor both the cooking process and the end result!
  • Savor artist's dates on a more regular basis (I really want to make it a priority to do at least 1 per week!)
  • Savor the creative process via various projects and activities
  • Continue to grow in my yoga practice and savor all of the benefits to my mind and body
  • Savor good health and learn more about about keeping my body healthy through naturopathy, healing foods, Ayurveda, and other holistic methods
I have so enjoyed reading about all of your words and intentions/goals for 2010. I have been gathering bits of inspiration and ideas from all of you!

Here's to 2010!

Image via TheSketchedbook. Is that not the most awesome calendar ever?


Ellecubed said...

Love this post. Wishing you a 2010 full of experiences to savour.

TheAnalyst said...

Sounds lovely! Happy 2010!

Lavanya said...

Enjoyed reading about everything you accomplished in 2009 and all that you hope for in 2010! Love your word for 2010-I almost picked it too..Have a wonderful 2010!

Revisionista said...

Love your word for 2010!!

Hope your new year is off to a fabulous start :)

kaileenelise said...

i absolutely love your 2009 recap and 2010 intentions. i can't wait to follow you on your journey this year. ♥kaileenelise

Anonymous said...

oh yay! i hope your holidays were wonderful! so exciting that you're getting married and honeymooning in Italy sounds amazing :)

Melita said...

your 2009 was so amazing and i hope that your 2010 will be even better (and i have a feeling that it will be!!). hugs!!

Analiese Marie said...

Thanks everyone for the support and kind words!

Carolyn said...

Wow I LOVE that calendar!

But onto more important things, congrats on your fab 2009! Sounds like 2010 will be even more fantastic. Italy for honeymoon?? I'm so jelly - I LOVED Italy.


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