Wishing you a lovely weekend

Hooray for the weekend! I'm looking forward to enjoying some good times with some great people. Tonight we're going out for sushi with Jason's fam. Tomorrow morning I have a coffee date with one of my lovely bridesmaids to talk fun wedding stuff. And on Saturday evening we're having celebratory drinks with our dear friends who just got engaged over the holidays. Sometime in there I'm hoping to fit in some more reading (currently, Style Statement + Eating Animals), yoga, and baking.

What are all of you lovelies up to this weekend? Any fun happenings or creative projects in the works?

Image via Flickr user Mademoiselle Granny.


Kimbirdy said...

OOO I've been wanting to read Eating Animals, is it good?

I'm heading to the Edwardian Ball this weekend! I can't wait to get in my big froofy dress and dance the night away!

Sallie Ann said...

It's supposed to be rainy this weekend, so I'm planning on donning my new, cool rainboots tomorrow and sloshing down to the library to hide among the shelves and do some work. Tomorrow night is a wine tasting with my group of guys, and teaching yoga at the women's shelter on Sunday. I love weekends!

Kiki said...

Happy Weekend to you, too! I'll be doing a fair amount of work-writing, but I'm also hoping to make headway in 'Style Statement,' practice yoga, perhaps a bit of collaging, make broccoli and stilton soup, and spend quality time with my guy. Seems like a lot, but there is always enough time for what is important to you.

DescribeHappy said...

That's a gorgeous picture! This weekend I am working on an entry for an art show in March... it's all about horses. I'm also hoping to get outside to take in lots of sunshine with the dog! Your coffee date sounds fun -- have a great weekend!!

Green Chic said...

Eating Animals is a great book. Jonathan Safran Foer is brilliant.

I am in Chicago this weekend. Took a long walk around the city yesterday...in love with all of the old buildings here. Such a wonderful city to just get lost in.


Grace said...

I'm visiting with a friend I haven't seen in a year!

PS. I would love to curl up with a good book on that cozy bed in the picture.

Carolyn said...

I had a lovely weekend visiting my parents in Dallas. Back in Austin I had time to get a little crafty, and I also bought Eating Animals off AmazoN!!

Analiese Marie said...

Kimberdy, I highly recommend Eating Animals. I'll post a review when I've finished it.


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