Jason has been working for almost the entire weekend because his company is moving to a new office space, and as the IT guru, he's in charge of getting all the computers moved and re-connecting them to the network. It's a bummer because I've hardly gotten to see him at all (he's literally been working until midnight these past couple nights), but on the upside, I have gotten SO much done. It's amazing what a couple days alone (and sans car) can do for one's productivity. Thus far, I have cleaned the kitchen; done the dishes and 3 loads of laundry; cleaned the bedroom and both bathrooms; unpacked some remaining boxes; swapped out my summer clothes for fall/winter clothes; organized my closet; and sorted out some clothes and shoes that need to go to the dry cleaners/shoe repair.

As a child, I loathed doing chores, but I now find something comforting about these rituals. I like feeling prepared for the week ahead. With Van Morrison's Greatest Hits blasting and the sun shining cheerfully through the windows as I work, I dare say that this weekend of chores has even been - gasp! - sorta fun.

And no, we don't have a cool retro-looking washing machine like the one in the picture, though I wish we did.

Image via Flickr user sinkdd.


Rachel said...

I find joy in doing chores on the weekend too. Starts the week off beautifully.

Melita said...

i don't mind chores but i hate having to do them over & over & over again ;)

kaileenelise said...

van morrison is my love. the best chore music ever.


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