After months of careful attention (which, I'm not ashamed to say, included singing encouraging songs, with lyrics like "Grow my orchid, grow thee tall" to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"), I have successfully resurrected my once-lifeless orchid and it is finally blooming! Isn't she gorgeous?

In other botanical news, my succulents (purchased from Home Depot a few months ago) also seem to be thriving. I had never had succulents before, but they are super low-maintenance and just sort of do their thing without a lot of fuss and bother. So here they are, being all succulent. And stuff.

Et enfin, yesterday I splurged and bought myself a dozen pink roses from Whole Foods. Just because. And I'm kind of in love with them. As my soon-to-be sister-in-law said, "It's nice having a man buy you flowers, but once in awhile it feels really good to buy them for yourself." So true.


Melita said...

i love all of your flora! it definitely brightens your day & your mood. enjoy :)

kaileenelise said...

your pictures are gorgeous! i am a huge fan of buying myself flowers at whole foods from time to time. there is something totally decadent about it :) thanks for sharing. xo, kaileenelise


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