What's on your plate today?

I have become addicted to Gourmet's My Day on a Plate series. Gourmet asked chefs and other notable figures to chronicle what they ate in the last 24 hours. It's about food of course. But it's also about our daily rhythms and routines, and the role that food and mealtime play in our day-to-day existence. Some of the essays are touching (actor and winemaker Kyle MacLachlan's devotion to making sure his baby son gets the right nutrients) and some of them are downright absurd (chef Chris Cosentino's consumption of 14 double espressos in one day, which he describes as "typical"). Reading someone's descriptions of he or she they ate (and why) feels like stealing a little glimpse at his or her personal life. Foodie voyeurism, if you will. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

One of these days, I will post my own Day on a Plate. In the meantime, I ask you: What's on your plate today?

Image via Urban Outfitters (it is an image I saved awhile ago because I adore the design on the plates, but I just checked their website and don't think they're up there anymore...).


Melita said...

those are gorgeous. i love the idea of foodie voyeurism! :D

City Girl said...

Thanks for introducing me to My Day on A Plate. How fun!


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