A more beautiful question

"nothing proving or sick or partial. Nothing false,nothing difficult or easy or small or colossal. Nothing ordinary orextraordinary,nothing emptied or filled,real or unreal;nothing feeble and known or clumsy and guessed. Everywhere tintschildrening,innocent spontaneaous,true. Nowhere possibly what flesh and impossibly such a garden,but actually flowers whichbreasts are amoung the very mouths of light. Nothing believed or doubted;brain over heart, surface:nowhere hating or tofear;shadow,mind without soul. Only how measureless cool flames of making;only each other building always distinct selves ofmutual entirely opening;only alive. Never the murdered finalities of wherewhen and yesno,impotent nongames of wrongright andrightwrong;never to gain or pause,never the soft adventure of undoom,greedy anguishes and cringing ecstasies ofinexistence;never to rest and never to have;only to grow.

Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question"

-e.e. cummings, "INTRODUCTION from New Poems"

Illustration by Cecelia Carlstedt via Art Department.


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