Baked Goodness

At about this time each year, I catch the baking bug in a serious way. In fact, "obsessed" might be a good word to describe my baked goods infatuation during the holiday months. I could spend hours looking at pretty pictures of sweet confections and browsing heaps of recipes. (As always, Martha has some great recipes for holiday baking, as does Food Network and Epicurious.)

I dream of whipping up batches upon batches of gingerbread cookies and chocolate hazelnut biscotti. Italian almond cookies and raspberry macarons. Buttery apricot shortbread, peppermint fudge brownies, and cinnamon rolls. Candy cane cupcakes and carrot cake cupcakes (with cream cheese frosting, bien sur).

I've even started thinking about what it would be like to have my own bakery.

My bakery would double as a café and have a colorful storefront. And did I mention it would be someplace like London, or possibly Paris?

Alongside the baked goods, I would serve espresso, hot chocolate, and all kinds of tea in mismatched vintage teacups atop pretty lace tablecloths.

Of course, the whole thing would really just be an excuse to wear an adorable apron.

And to use this gorgeous pink KitchenAid mixer (swoon!).

Have you been bitten by the holiday baking bug? What are some of your favorite sweets for this time of year? I'm planning to indulge in a baking marathon this weekend, so please share any fabulous recipes you've come across!

Photo by Sandra Lane via Sarah Kaye//Image credit unknown, found here//Image via Flickr user *wanderlust*//Image via Champagne Kisses//Image via Megalomaniac//Image via Anthropologie//Image via KitchenAid


Lavanya said...

what lovely pics- I especially love the look of that bakery. I'd like to own a cafe with an attached bookstore/library to browse while snacking..:)

Right now, I am craving this cheesecake : http://onehotstove.blogspot.com/2009/12/birthday-cheesecake.html

Café Chick said...

I tend to go on baking binges at this time of the year, too. I'm going to make mountains of chocolate truffles to give as stocking fillers, Christmas cupcakes (probably ginger flavoured - haven't worked that out yet), my usual Christmas white and dark chocolate decadent recipe, and whatever else I have time for before we leave for our family Christmas in two weeks' time.
Loved the pics!

Jenn said...

I definitely do the same thing imagining owning my own home decor shop/nursery/cafe like Petersham Nursery in London. Except in the daydream, I don't actually work...and there are no customers...

That said, if you open a bakery, I'm so there.

Genki said...

I am having the same bakery dream at the moment and it is being fuelled by a lot of baking - try Smitten Kitchens Gingerbread upside down apple cake and her classic brownies. Both amazing!

Analiese Marie said...

Genki, thanks for the tip. Those sound so good! I love Smitten Kitchen. The recipes are always simple, yet divine. I can't believe I forgot to mention it in the post!

Sarah said...

Lovely ideas! That pink kitchen aid is quite fancy! I have a white kitchen aid mixer (it was given to me). It is used about once a week by the boyfriend to make mashed potatoes!


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