"My Creative Life" Interview

I'm so honored and excited to be featured on The Expressive Arts Coach blog's "My Creative Life" interview series this week. The blog is run by creativity guru Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli, who I met via twitter recently. Gabrielle is an Expressive Arts Coach, Creativity Coach, and Creativity Consultant, who uses the creative process to aid in clarity, direction, and discovery (learn more about her services here). She's also an artist (abstract paintings, mixed media, and fiber art), knitter, and belly dancer, and holds a graduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy/Mental Health Counseling. Pretty awesome, huh? Her blog is chock full of interesting information and musings on arts advocacy, expressive arts coaching, and other art-related topics. Definitely check it out!

By the way, Gabrielle is always on the lookout for folks who are "living authentically, creatively, and making a living out of their passions" to feature in the "My Creative Life" series, so if that describes you, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Thanks Gabrielle, for giving me the opportunity to talk about why I'm passionate about what I do, and for all that you do to advocate for art and creativity!

Image via Motley Photos.


kaileenelise said...

i really loved your responses, especially when you said - you can spend forever "preparing" for your life's work, but the best way to begin is to begin. simple, but powerful, words of advice.

thank you for sharing. xoxo

green ink said...

What a fabulous interview! Wonderful to learn more about you, your work and your creative life! x


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