Chicago Thanksgiving Recap

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Wonderful, I hope.

I'm back from Chicago, where Jason and I had a great time with family and good friends. Highlights of our trip included:
  • Lots of cooking. We made a yummy stuffing which will henceforth be known as the Simon & Garfunkel stuffing because it included copious amounts of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme).
  • Lots of eating, of course (and maybe some wine drinking too...).
  • Enjoying a houseful of three adorable dogs (my parent's dog Kiwi plus Gatsby and Squirt, the respective pups of several friends who were visiting).
  • Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago and walking around downtown (pictured above).
  • Delicious Mexican food at Fuego. It is seriously the best Mexican food ever...I wish we had one in the DC area.
  • Going on a run with Jason through my parent's neighborhood and doing Zumba with my mom. She was recently certified as a Zumba instructor!
  • Introducing Jason to even more of my mom's relatives. She has a BIG family. As in, 50 first cousins. I think the poor guy is maybe starting to learn some names...
  • Picking up Barbara Kingsolver's latest at the airport to enjoy on the flight home, which I now cannot put down.
Now it's time to start seriously getting ready for Christmas, which is truly one of my favorite times of the year. We picked out a tree and decorated it before we left for Chicago, and it was so nice to come home to it last night. It really gives the condo a home-y, cozy feel. I'll post pictures soon!

Photo of the Chicago River by my sister, Ilse B..


Elizabeth said...

Yay I love Zumba! Good for your mom!

Melita said...

sounds great. i've never been to chicago but one day... ;) hugs!!

Megara said...

what a beautiful blog! i love this photo. i'm with you on getting excited for christmas... i can't wait!

mart and lu said...

i love the names of those three dogs! how cute!


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