For hot coffee on cold mornings. For bubble baths and fuzzy slippers and cozy scarves. For candlelight and warm, crackling fires, and blankets to cuddle beneath. For striped socks and polka-dot pajamas. For dinner parties and holidays and meals shared together around a table. For pumpkin pie and cranberry relish and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. For evenings with good friends, drinking wine and telling funny stories till we're laughing so hard we can't remember what we're even laughing about. For wonderful parents who encouraged my creativity and have supported my dreams and decisions, large and small, my entire life. For twitter and blogs and Google, and for the occasional sanity to "unplug" from the computer completely for a little while. For the incredible community of people I've connected with through this blog. For eccentrics and wild women and soul sisters. For Sephora and Anthropologie and Etsy. For Food Network, Mad Men, and The Office. For good books, and magazines, and the unending joy of wandering bookstores for hours. For the ability to run and do yoga. For my breath, my balance, and my good health. For decent skin and naturally curly hair (even if I do straighten it sometimes). For access to good, fresh food. For farmers markets and CSA and the growing sustainable food movement. For increasing awareness of how our food choices affect the planet and our bodies, and for an administration that actually cares about that kind of thing. For a job, period, but especially a job that I love that fulfills me and enables me to be surrounded by art. For the fact that I get to marry a supportive, kind, intelligent (and darn handsome) man who loves to cook, makes me tea for no reason, rubs my feet, installs virus protection software on my computer, anticipates when I need a hug and gives me one before I ask, and generally goes out of his way to make my world a better place in any way he can.

What are you thankful for this year?

Image via Martha Stewart.


Rachel said...

I love your list!

Elle said...

Analiese I just came across your blog and it's just delightful! and i love your interview idea... it sounds so corny but making blogger friends really is such a joy!

green ink said...

For everything you said. Except maybe pumpkin pie, I've never tried it :)

Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Melita said...

love this!! we have so much to be thankful for!


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