Dangerous Tea

I spied the following on this poster by SARK:

Invite someone dangerous to tea.
(Dangerous tea usually includes impossibly delicious chocolate cake!)
Allow the outrageous!
Tea time is the caffeine version of nap time.
Fling yourself into storytelling and tea sipping.
Reveal your best dangerous self.
There are no rules!
Wear hats and gloves and tell your most fabulous stories.
Invite someone you've always wanted to meet.
Be an adventure.

I've been thinking about what a "dangerous" tea party might look like. It seems fitting that the setting would be a dangerously beautiful place. A candle-lit room with walls painted periwinkle, filled with impossibly beautiful art, fresh flowers and an array of plush pillows, so that we could sit on the floor. We would drink tea from colorfully mismatched teacups and eat fresh fruit, chocolate, and dangerously delicious ginger scones. I would invite all sorts of fabulous women, of course. Women who laugh just a little too loud, and don't apologize for taking the last piece of cake. Women with dangerously untamed hair who wear zebra print eye glasses, wildly colorful scarves, and red polka dot dresses. Women who aren't afraid to speak their minds, and don't really care who might disagree. Women in possession of an endless supply of laugh-so-hard-tea-comes-out-your-nose stories. Women who make dangerously beautiful art and who bake their own bread and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Women who write plays and web applications and dangerously well-researched letters to the editor. Women who approach the world with equal parts humor, grace, and compassion; who speak up about injustice; and who have a soft spot for animals of all kinds. Women who quote both Sex and the City and Edna St. Vincent Millay (and sometimes in the same sentence). Women who tell their truth, even when it's not what others want to hear, and who don't back down from dangerously real conversations. Women who might slip a little brandy into their tea when no one's looking. Women with intelligence. Women with wit. Women with fabulous shoes.

It would be a dangerously fun tea party. Don't you think?

Image via alicebgardens.


Ellecubed said...

I absolutely love this post. I have always wanted to have a dangerous tea party myself. I love how you have imagined yours.

Ilse B said...

This is a great post! That is definitely one tea party that I would like to attend.

Nan said...

Just found your blog and I absolutely love your idea of what a dangerous tea party looks like. Sounds like so much fun and so interesting!!! Cant wait to read more of your blog postings!

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks for stopping by Nan! :-)


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