Books for a rainy day

Rainy days always make me want to browse a cozy bookstore with a mug of tea in hand. There is something so delicious about exploring stacks of books with the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering on the rooftop, don't you think?

Not that I need any more books, mind you. I'm currently working my way through:
  • The Four Agreements. I am re-reading the amazingly wise words of Miguel Ruiz, and finding them even more profound than I remembered.
  • Best Food Writing 2009. I get so excited for the publication of this anthology each year...it's always jam-packed with tons of interesting, funny, and informative essays and columns by some of the best writers food out there.
(And yes, I'm reading all four of them simultaneously.)

What are you reading on this rainy day?

Image via Flickr user MorBCN.


City Girl said...

I loved loved loved Molly Wizenberg's book. Enjoy your reads :)

AnalieseMarie said...

Thanks! :-)


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