Under my umbrella

Do you think the fact that it's supposed to rain non-stop for the next three days warrants investing in one of these beautiful umbrellas from Wisteria?

I just love the bright colors and pretty patterns.

Such a fun umbrella would brighten the dreariest of days, don't you think?

Photo of Bohemian Parasol via Wisteria.


Naturally Jules said...

They're so pretty, who needs rain?

green ink said...

So pretty!

I need a new umbrella, and am prepared to invest this time, given that my £3 cheapo gave in at the first sign of the blustery winds London is famous for this time of year!

Karen-joy said...

I have been looking for a birthday gift for my best friend in Chicago, and I think this is perfect!

On another note, I would just like to say that I am absolutely loving your blog. Thank you, thank you for your beautiful and positive outlook. It has been a wonderful way to lift my spirits on gloomy days like today!

AnalieseMarie said...

Karen, thank you so much for the sweet words. It is so meaningful to hear feedback from readers. So glad you are enjoying it!

Ilse B said...

YES- Just make sure they're not prone to flipping themselves inside out if it gets the least bit windy! All of my umbrellas have suddenly started to do that. It's pretty much the worst thing that could happen when it's raining.


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