Sunday snippets

I slept in deliciously late
Indulged in an iced soy chai and maybe some leftover Halloween candy
Ran 2 miles at the gym
Stocked up on groceries from Whole Foods for the upcoming week (will be posting some good new recipes soon)
Downloaded some instructional Italian podcasts, a microMOVEment toward my goal of learning to speak Italian
Had a mini dance party in the living room with Jason to this song
Cooked turkey burgers stuffed with spinach, pine nuts & feta for dinner (delicious)
Wrote down my goals for November and taped them to my computer
Talked to my mom on the phone
Broke out my Prismacolor markers and did some colorful doodling
Did some yummy yoga hip openers

It was a good Sunday.

Image via Blissful Images.


Melita said...

ah, it sounds like it was a good sunday :) have a mindful monday my friend! hugs!!

kaileenelise said...

this is a great post! sounds like you had an amazing sunday. i can't wait for your new recipes :) maybe you can include the one for those turkey burgers, they sound delish. xo, kaileenelise

AnalieseMarie said...

Unfortunately I can't take credit for the turkey burgers since we bought them pre-made at Whole Foods. To make your own stuffed turkey burgers, you can use a recipe like Ellie Krieger's (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ellie-krieger/stuffed-turkey-burgers-recipe/index.html) and add whatever kind of fillings you'd like.

Carolyn said...

love this!!!!

Rachel said...

I need yoga hip openers :)


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